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What is the University for?

 What is the ‘idea of the University’? This session will address the university’s responsibilities to social, economic and cultural life and look at more conceptual ideas about the University’s function. Can we define a set of pursuant values from the university’s wider responsibilities, and if so, how do these values express themselves in educational practice? If not, does the university face a legitimacy crisis?



Dr. Paul A. Taylor is a Senior Lecturer in Communications Theory at the University of Leeds, and founding editor of the International Journal of Zizek Studies. His interest in educational issues is part of his wider interest in contemporary ideology contained within such works as Critical Theories of Mass Media: Then and Now and the forth coming Zizek and the Media

Professor Peter Dews is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Essex. He is a leading philosopher and has published widely on 19th and 20th century European thought. His research encompasses the Frankfurt School and contemporary critical theory, modern French philosophy, and the history of German Idealism and romanticism.

Dr. Simon Swift is a lecturer in English Literature (Critical and Cultural theory) at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on the culture of the Romantic period, the work of Immanuel Kant, and the literary, philosophical and political cultures of modernity.

Professor Jon Nixon has held chairs at four universities and currently holds an honorary chair at the university of Sheffield. His Higher Education and the Public Good: Imagining the University will be published by Continuum in October this year.

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