Roundhouse Student Journal

Autumn Edition 2009

Roundhouse is the beginning of an investigation into inherited research and horizontal learning within higher education. The principles of our research and editorial processes have been informed and influenced by discursive critical theory and critical pedagogy – They  can be viewed below.

The first edition of Roundhouse contains articles which assess elements of Jürgen Habermas’ critical theory and its application to specific areas of research. Our research is based on critically probing  higher education and extending learning and teaching out of its usual confines, the opening article, by Muhammad Imran Kahn, uses Habermasian ideas as a critical framework with which to analyse the present state of educative practice.  The rest of the journal consists of critical assessments of existing attempts to apply Habermasian ideas.

With these articles we hope to cultivate an environment in which these ideas will be discussed, shared and used by students and academics alike. In keeping with this aim we invite feedback and response to papers featured in the Roundhouse journal.

The articles are available to view online or to download in pdf format.


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